The Day of Delays | An Imaginary Day Story !! This can happen on any other day for me or anyone. But this write-up is written as an assignment for my 9th Std school activity. I usually never becomes late to school or dance class 🙂

So here it goes, The Day of Delays:

On the 20th of June 2018, I woke up just in time to see my auto waiting for me on the road from my balcony. I usually wake up about an hour and a haf before the auto’s arrival. I made up my mind to go to school and got ready. I reached school half an hour late and got all scoldings from the teachers.

When the first lesson started, I realized that I hadn’t packed my bag the previous night. I did not have my English, Maths and Hindi books. What a bad luck ! I got 3 red marks in handbook, plus one for late coming. The day grew worser as time ticked away. My lunch was pathetic as my Mom packed it in a hurry and it spilled in my bag.

I remained hungry till the evening. After I reached home 10 minutes late (because of traffic, not my fault !!), I realized I had to go to dance practice. Somehow, I managed to dress up quickly and combed my hair, but in vain. My mother couldn’t get a cab on time and obviously, I was late for my dance practice too. My dance teacher scolded me, because I hadn’t reached on time. She let me dance after sometime. But I was in such a bad mood that I couldn’t dance properly. I returned home very depressed, the same words flashing through my mind – “Today is not your day, Meghna” – TIME AND TIDE WAITS FOR NONE !!

The Day of Delays | An Imaginary Day Write up !!
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