Blue Pen Sketch of Frozen Queen Elsa and Another Girl. A past time work when I got bored studying Maths for the whole day.

If someone tried to draw Queen Elsa out of pure imagination in the midst of doing Math, it would turn out to be like this šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ Please bear with this messy pictures for now. I am planning to do more of Frozen movie Characters sketches and paintings after my 10th CBSE Board Exams in Feb – March 2020.

Queen Elsa of Frozen Movie Sketch

After scribbling the above sketch, I suddenly wanted to do a girl’s face too. So the following happened šŸ™‚  Don’t know whose face it turned out to be though.. šŸ™‚

Blue Pen Sketch of Frozen Queen Elsa and A Girl

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