My small experience of CBSE Class 10 Board Exams 2020 is a mixed one. Finished 4 papers including the additional paper Information Technology. All question papers were good.

Information Technology (402) was a very easy paper for 50 marks. That was the first paper on 20th February 2020. Then English Lang. & Literature (184) on 26th February was also a good paper except for the editing part. Looked like word rearrangement could be done in more than one way. Other than that it was a well balanced paper.

Just 2 days gap for Hindi students this time and it was actually not enough to revise completely. Hindi – B (085) paper on Feb 29 was lengthy, but easy in my code. Some of my friends found their code bit more tough. Because of the lengthy paper, time management was a problem, just completed the paper. So not highly satisfactory.

Hindi students had just 3 days for Science Paper (086) which was held today (March 4, 2020). It was a moderate paper, one or two confusing questions, otherwise found it easy.

Another two to go ; Mathematics (Standard) – 041 and Social Studies (087) on March 12 and March 18. Hoping for the best 🙂

My Experience of CBSE Class 10 Board Exams 2020

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