Gravity is one of the very much overlooked reasons for our survival. In fact, without gravity, life would probably not survive on Earth. Who knows, maybe even this world would not have existed. Okay, let’s not make things seem darker. So, here are some few things I imagined would happen if there was no gravity:

1. There won’t be a subject called ‘Physics’!

It may be interesting and amazing and all to many people, but I always hated physics. Physics is based on pressure, friction, motion and lot more things. But indirectly, all of these are based on gravity. Just imagine physics without gravity! One subject down, if there was no gravity.

2. Pens won’t work!

Yes, how will we write? The ink flows downwards due to gravity. Hence, pens won’t work. We’ll have to rely on pencils and e-notebooks.

3. You won’t have to worry about your weight.

Weight exists due to gravity. In absence of gravity, you won’t even know your weight, that is, you cannot measure it! That solves your weight problem. But that won’t help in reducing the thinness or fatness of your body!

4. Crops won’t grow.

Gravity is the one who pulls the roots of plant downwards so that they can pull in water. Without intake of water, plants cannot grow. And suppose you somehow supply them with water, it needs firm fixation with the soil for healthy growth. A fair few plants may survive without gravity, but it will definitely affect our food sources.

5. The world will turn topsy-turvy.

Haven’t you seen the insides of a spaceship in movies? Things just float around. That is exactly what’ll happen when gravity’s gone. Just imagine you’re floating around, and something you threw in the garbage also comes near to float with you. The world will be a total mess.

6. Water Problems appear.

Water takes the shape of any container it occupies, thanks to gravity again. Now, if there’s no gravity, what will water look like? It will also just float around in the form of droplets. Imagine the whole ocean floating around in the form of droplets.

7. Aqua-life problems.

Since the ocean is in the form of floating droplets, marine life will die due to lack of dissolved oxygen. Innumerable creatures and sea-animals will die.

8. You won’t need stairs or the lift.

You need not exhaust all your energy in climbing stairs, or waste electricity in using lifts. You can just literally float or wade your way through air, and climb how much ever you want. And on that note, Mount Everest and the rest of the world’s peaks won’t seem too dangerous.

9. Dance will become more easier.

Long, exhausting steps, adavus, poses, and movements will become very easy due to lack of weight. And maybe some easy steps and poses might become tougher too.

10. There won’t be any buildings.

I feel the weaker ones will just float away, because all this time it stood there because of gravity. And construction of new buildings will also not be too easy.

11. Factories won’t function.

Either they’ll have to invent new methods of manufacturing without the help of gravity, or just give up, because every single activity inside a factory might fail without gravity.

12. Things will be lighter.

A normal person could hold a huge, enormous rock on one hand, like how Krishna held the Govardhana mountain on his little finger for days, or like how Baahubali lifted that enormous Shivalingam like a feather.


13. Arranging things will become tougher.

All the items on our tables, shelves, cupboards and boxes stood in their places obediently, because they were told to by gravity. Now if he says goodbye, they are not subject to anyone, and hence will not stay in one place, messing up our neat arrangements.

14. Jumps can be dangerous.

Highly awesome jumps can take you as high as double your height, probably. But that is in the normal case. In a gravity-less world, a normal slight jump can make you crash your head into the ceiling.

15. No more hairstyles.

You can probably tie your hair into a braid, but there’s no point in it because it will float in all directions anyway.

16. Less Movements.

You need not or cannot lie down, walk, run, tiptoe, sit, stand, lean or fall. The only thing you can do is float.

17. There will be no atmosphere.

The atmosphere is held there due to the immense gravitational force of the earth. Hence, we’ll have to face the harmful UV rays of the Sun. Meteorite attacks will be more dangerous and deadly than before.

18. No more Amusement Parks.

Almost every ride in a basic amusement park will become useless if there’s no gravity. But when you come to think of it, some already very dangerous ones may not seem that dangerous if there’s no gravity.

19. No waterfalls.

Water-falling is obviously 100% based on gravity. The concept of water-falling won’t even exist. All the water from all the water bodies will just float around.

20. Life on Earth will end.

Okay, so that is a bit gloomy, but that’s a fact. Whatever you read above will probably not even happen if there’s no gravity, because digestion cannot happen without gravity, and you can’t live without digestion, even if you manage to eat lots of food, can you? And this is not the main reason why I said life will end, it can be something more disastrous as well.

There might be a hundred more things that might happen if gravity is gone, but I got to think of only this much! Hope this doesn’t happen!

What Would Happen if there was no ‘GRAVITY’?
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One thought on “What Would Happen if there was no ‘GRAVITY’?

  • May 28, 2020 at 8:03 pm

    Ha…ha..ha… What a fantastic imagination !! You hate physics but physics is always with you…


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