Everyone has a passion. Everybody likes doing something. Some may like dance, some painting, or singing. Or even gaming, sports, writing, orating, acting, modeling, and so on. But not everyone becomes what they want to be. Very few lucky ones get to pursue their passion onward and maybe take it up as their profession.

But why? Why do only some get this chance? There are many reasons. Each person has a different and unique situation and their own circumstances.


Pressure from People at Home:

Very few parents actually support their kids’ interests. I am glad to have supporting parents. Many fathers don’t like their daughters dancing or acting. Many mothers won’t prefer their sons going for sports instead of studies. There are still parents who think that daughters are a burden and sons are a treasure, but it’s not common. And many parents nowadays support their daughters to study, but do not take into interest their passions and hobbies. They think that dancing, drawing or singing will not help in the career of their children. That is one major reason.

Financial Problems

Some families may be poor, and they might not be able to afford for art materials, stage performances, instruments, costly gadgets, sports equipment or similar things. Their not supporting their kids’ passions is quite understandable. But even some rich families do not support their children’s hobbies. Their aim is to just make them study a popular course like medicine, engineering or something like that.


According to me, modern technologies and urbanisation in villages are useless until the old superstitions and prejudices go away. Old village ladies and men still think girls are meant to be married and go to another house, so their education is a waste. But some do make their daughters study, but not what the girl actually wants to study. This is not only for girls, it’s for boys as well.

And there so many other reasons for people not being able to pursue their passions. It can be lack of support from home, financial problems, lack of availability of necessary equipment, discouragement, lack of proper motivation, lack of a proper trainee, and also self-confidence. I do hope everyone in this world will be able to overcome these barriers and be able to pursue their hobbies and passions with lots of satisfaction.

Why Some People Are Not Able to Pursue Their Passions
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