Navaratri Series Day 1: ‘Vinayaki’ or ‘Gananayika’🙏🏼
Very excited to start this series for 2021’s Navaratri celebrations!❤️ This year’s theme for my series is ‘Ashta Māthrikas’ inspired by a song from Sridevi Nrithyalaya’s “Janani Jagath Karani” Dance Drama, which sings of them.🙏🏼 I wanted to depict these Devis in my own way this time (using no outside references), so I’m painting them in dance poses in dance costumes.😄 Navaratri actually starts tomorrow, but since it is only 8 days this year, and I wanted to do 9 Devis, I’m starting one day early today, with Goddess Vinayaki, one of the minor Māthrikas.
About the Māthrikas:
The Māthrikas are a group of Mother Goddesses, usually 7 (Sapthamāthrikas) or 8 (Ashtamāthrikas) in number. They are associated with the major Hindu Gods as their Shaktis (or energies). In Shaktism, they are described as assisting Goddess Adi Parashakti in slaying the demons. They are worshipped as ‘Saptha Kanyakās’ in most South Indian Shiva temples, especially Tamilnadu.
About Vinayaki:
Also called, Gananayika, Ganeshani, or Vigneshwari, She is the Shakti of Lord Ganesha. She removes all our obstacles and blesses us with auspiciousness. Little is told about her in scriptures, and very few idols of this deity exist. Like Lord Ganesha, She is characterised by Her elephant head, and she holds a pāsam, ankusham and a modakam in Her four hands. She is vermilion red in colour. It is mentioned that when Siddhi or Riddhi is seen as the divine energy of Ganesha, She takes the form of Vinayaki.
Done using Camlin Acrylic paint on Watercolour Sheet.❤️ (No references used; own creation).

Painting Process Video :

Navaratri Series Day 1: Mathrika Devi ‘Vinayaki’ or ‘Gananayika’ Painting

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