“Arul Varadar nilai ilakkil ambena naan amizhndhēnē…” ☝🏼🏹💙
“The one who rushes around,
Sits to watch her dance.
Oh! What a sight to behold!
The sky itself sheds happy tears.
Are they His or hers?
Pleased with His favourite,
The one atop Hastigiri rings
the temple bell Himself,
His unique way of applause! “
(😬amateur poetry attempts)
Dedicated to Varadar and His favourite and biggest devotee Harinie Jeevitha Akka!
A small artwork I’ve been wanting to do since the moment Akka finished her historic performance of Varadarajam Upasmahe at the place where it SHOULD be performed, Kancheepuram! ♥️ I sketched it roughly once I was back in my hotel room and then materialised it later on paper with paint, back in Chennai.
This part of Varadarajam Upasmahe at Kanchi is probably my favourite (but I have soo many! 🥲). And once the performance was done, the temple bell was heard.💙 That was so special, so I tried to add that to the painting.
When Akka performed in front of Varadar Himself at the Thottotsavam in May, He watched fully with utmost patience and in the end, showered His happy tears as rain droplets🥹 Unfortunately I missed that, so I included it here instead.
So this painting, all in all is based on Varadarajam Upasmahe in Kancheepuram. Hope I get to see many many more stagings of this legendary production and of course, the mahaan legend Himself in real 🥹 Varada! Take me to Kanchi again, Varada! :-”’)
Harinie Jeevitha Akka’s Varadarajam Upasmahe at Kancheepuram Varadaraja Perumal Temple Painting

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