✨Pullum Silambina Kaann✨
Thiruppavai Pasuram-06
Margazhi Thiruppavai Painting Series♥️

🎶Pullum silambina kaann pullaraiyan kovilil
Vellai vili sangin per-aravam kettilaiyo
Pillaay, ezhundhiray pey mulai nanjundu
Kalla chagadam kalakkazhiya kaalochi
Vellath tharavil thuyilamarndha vitthinai
Ullathu k kondu munivargalum yogigalum
Mella ezhundhu ariyendra per-aravam
Ullam pugundhu kulirndhelor empavai🎶

The birds are awake and from the temple of the Lord, can you not hear the loud sound of the white conch?
Oh young lass, wake up!
The Lord who suckled poison into the demon’s breasts,
The Lord who vanquished Shakatasura (demon in the form of a handcart),
The Lord who is resting gently on the serpent in the ocean,
The One who is meditated by the sages and the yogis,
As you wake up gently,
May the magnificent glory of that Lord fill your mind and make you joyful, my dear friends!
Done using Acrylic paint on Watercolor sheet♥️

Pullum Silambina Kaann | Thiruppavai Pasuram 6 Painting

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