Vaigaasi Brahmotsavam Day 7: ✨THIRUTHER✨

Varadar’s Ther Utsavam is one of the most anticipated days of the Vaigaasi Brahmotsavam! Lord Brahma drives the chariot or ratham in which Devaraja Perumal rushes in top speed to give darshanam to His devotees all around Kanchi! He wears a unique headdress on this day and sits inside the massive chariot along with His divine consorts Sridevi and Bhūdevi. Kancheepuram resembles an ocean of devotees on this 7th day of the Utsavam!🙏🏻

Totally loved painting Varadar’s Ther with all its intricate designs and patterns! My stubbornness to include all those details and a slight clash of schedules are to blame for the delay in finishing of this 8th painting of mine for the Utsavam!😬

Reference photo credits to @kuttyshreephotography ❤️🙏🏻

Varadar Vaikasi Brahmotsavam Day 7 : THIRUTHER Painting

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