Wins Rangeela Chhota Bheem Send a Slogan Contest

I won a HCL Me tablet PC for sending a picture and a slogan for the Rangeela Chhota Bheem Send a Slogan Contest.



















My art teacher at school asked me to colour a picture of Chota Bheem which comes along with Rangeela Tempera Colours and give it to her.


I have coloured the picture and she had sent it to the organizers. My Slogan was : I am a Rang Raja because I am Using ‘Rangom Ka Raja’ Rangeela Tempera Colours – so Bright and Colourful.


After a week, they asked me to come for the function to be held at Hotel Dee Cee Manor at T. Nagar on March 25th.


There was an on-the spot painting contest also. I won first prize in that too and won a large set of various rangeela colours.


After that Chota Bheem came on the stage to be with winners of the slogan contest. He danced along with the children.


A magic show was also performed at the venue in which I was also asked to come on the stage for an item.


Later on, prizes were distributed for the slogan contest award winners by Chhota Bheem.



I also took some photos with Chutki banner at the venue. Dinner was also served and I returned home with my new Tablet PC.






8 thoughts on “Wins Rangeela Chhota Bheem Send a Slogan Contest

  1. can we send other painting

  2. can we sent other painting works?

  3. Joshi khushi Amrutbhai says:

    Very Very nice

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