During normal working days, when we have to go to school and other classes etc., we usually dream of the upcoming holidays and crave for it. Those who go to  places like hill stations, native places or even abroad, won’t be feeling bored.  But still there are few who don’t go anywhere for their holidays…they are sure to feel bored I think…

Here are a few suggestions to make your holidays less boring…

  • Read books. Try to read famous books like Harry Potter, Famous Five, Ruskin Bond Books, R.K. Narayan books, Roald Dahl books, Percy Jackson and Sherlock Holmes, to name a few . They improve your grammar skills as well as keep you away from feeling bored. They would be interesting too. 
  • Visit places nearby like parks, beaches, malls, or anywhere you like to go.
  • Always keep in touch with your friends. This will surely be helpful to keep you engaged.
  • Try to learn new things such as crafts, quilling, stitching, or sketching . If you know these just practice them again. Make it your aim to do something really creative.
  • Try to learn a new song or a dance. Or painting
  • Take your holiday homework as an easy thing and finish it off the first day itself so that it doesn’t add to your boring list. Or else you will forget it and you will have to finish it in a hurry on the last day of the holiday.
  • Write stories, poems or songs if you like them.
  • Try to learn simple cooking.
  • Help your Mom with some daily chores at home. She will feel very happy that you are helping her.

Hope these will help you to keep boredom away for a while. Happy Holidays…👍👍

How can you make holidays interesting?

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