Love the vacation time..As usual had a good trip to Kerala in the first week of May. Now at Miraj in Maharashtra.. 

Had some unexpected problems during the start of journey from Chennai. Due to the derailing of Yercaud Express near Arkonam, all the trains were delayed from Chennai Central. We were scheduled to go to Tirupati for the 2.15pm train,  but the train was rescheduled and if we waited, we wouldn’t have got the connection train to Miraj from Tirupati. 

Thanks to my Dad, he dropped me and Amma at Tirupati Railway Station by car, we got Haripriya Express as planned from Tirupati Station.

Later it was a fine trip. Reached Miraj on time on May 16 via Renigunta, Bellary, Guntakkal, Hubli, Londa and Belgaum.

Vacation Time!! 
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