My poem on Chennai’s Annual Visitors on the theme ‘Fire and Ice’.

Here comes the blazing Sun,  
Out there in the month of May,   
When I think I am having fun,
But getting scorched like hay.

The blinding rays are nothing,
Unless you think fire’s just warm,
But heats keeps us idle nothing,
So, there’s moving happiness all around.

Then there’s that freezing cold winter,
Musical Margazhi’s visitor,
That’s the only one rare occasion,
when I get to see my sweater.

Cold sets everything statue-still,
There’s gloomy silence during the day,
Due to this uncommon visitor,
The days are slow and lazy to move. “

Poem on the theme ‘Fire & Ice’ – Chennai’s Annual Visitors
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One thought on “Poem on the theme ‘Fire & Ice’ – Chennai’s Annual Visitors

  • May 23, 2022 at 8:56 pm

    Very nice poem..👌👌💝


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