Tired of getting low marks for untidy classworks? Or scolded by teachers and moms for bad presentation? Not to worry. I have some ways to solve this. Here they are:

Firstly, your handwriting is important. Yes, some might groan on hearing this, but it is really significant in presentation. Try to make your letters aligned and of the same height, avoiding too many ups and downs. During exams, these might be painful for your palms, but “Practise makes a man Perfect…”.

Then, the second most important thing is: drawing lines. Yes, drawing lines after each answer or topic can do most of the neatness-making. Or everything might get mixed up and can irritate the reader very much.

Third: Try using different coloured pens for topic headings or questions. Some schools may not allow this, but still, you can use one type of blue for the heading and another type for the content. This distinguishes between the headings and the content and makes it easier to read.

Handle books carefully: Throwing books, leaving them lying somewhere in some harmful condition, or folding them in an inappropriate way can surely damage your books. And also make sure to cover them neatly, with a nice label on it. Nameless books are the most annoying things for teachers.

Don’t leave much blank space between topics or subtopics, just leave one or two for drawing a line with pencil.

Don’t miss out on writing the dates on each page and page number, if there’s a provision for it.

Do use whiteners and pelicans, but not if your teachers don’t allow you to. If you’re using whiteners/correction pens, use them in a gentle and limited manner; don’t overload the whitener. In short, the best way is to minimize the number of ‘scratching out words’.

Follow these tips to get a full 10/10 for your classwork marks!!

Here are some of my notebooks pictures as a sample 🙂

How to Keep Your Classworks Neat
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