Children’s Day is coming up and most schools will be in preparation of the grand annual celebrations. But how did this particular date, November 14, come up as Children’s Day?

Most of you might be knowing that November 14 is celebrated as Children’s Day because it is the birth date of Jawaharlal Nehru. Yes. Fondly called Chacha Nehru, the first PM of India loved children and roses as well. Look at any painted picture of him and you’ll see a rose somewhere. He adored children and believed that “ The children of today will be India’s tomorrow. Thus India’s future lies in the way we bring up our children.”

Before his death in 1964, Children’s Day in India was observed on the 20th of November, the day observed by the UN as Children’s Day. Later, as a remembrance to the great leader, Indians started observing his birth date as Children’s Day.

How Do We Celebrate It?

It is common knowledge that every school in India celebrates this day grandly for their kids. Many types of competitions come up during this week for kids. Grand prizes await the winners. School students are allowed to come to school in colour dresses. Some schools even distribute small gifts to all students. Teachers participate in dances, speeches and plays to entertain the children. Children get a feeling of importance on this day and if by chance a teacher happens to take class on that day, then they all whine, “Ma’am, today is Children’s Day! We don’t entertain classes today!” 😉

But, we are not the only children in India. There are still kids out there who don’t even know about such a day for them. Yes, they are the poor child laborers and slum kids, who never get to celebrate such happy days. Therefore, it is important that we include them also in our celebrations. Why can’t we host Children’s Day programmes for them too? As children, they are also entitled to all the gifts and wishes the rich children get. Why are they always neglected?

Hence, we must learn to display equality in all terms, even in children, so that their pure, innocent minds are not hurt by such neglected feelings. Happy Children’s Day to all the cute kids out there!!

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