Chennai is experiencing some good rains for the past few days. It is an awesome feeling to see these rains because we experience hot climate almost throughout the year. Rains are very much needed this year as all the water supply lakes and reservoirs of Chennai are empty from early 2019 itself. Water comes to Chennai from other places in tankers, trains etc. Most of the people had very bad experiences without water in the last few months. Ground water level in most of the localities went very deep that bore wells couldn’t draw water. Rains in September month helped to raise this ground water levels to a small extent, still the reservoirs were left dry as the catchment areas did not receive much rains to fill these lakes. Hope this monsoon brings us more rains and fill our water bodies to quench our thirst in the coming months. Let’s work together to keep our water bodies clean too. Please stop throwing wastes and harmful drainage from households and factories to these precious rivers.

Some clicks of Chennai Rains 2019 :

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Chennai Rains 2019 – Some Clicks
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  • June 15, 2022 at 8:06 pm

    Nice click..❤💖


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