Coronavirus has shut us all inside our homes. But sitting at home will not bring you food supplies or necessary household items, will they? Hence my father and I had to go to the nearby store to buy absolutely necessary items such as rice, flour, and vegetables.









We both wore masks. I tried to cover myself with long-sleeves and even socks (yes, I know it sounds ridiculous!). Then we made our way to the main road, which used to be crowded at this time of day due to schoolchildren, office-goers, school buses and others.

But now not a soul walked on this road, except a daring few, who like us had come out to buy essential things. What an effect a minute virus has on the daily life of humans!

We reached the store and were surprised to find so many people inside. More than half of them wore masks. I was happy to see that people did practise safety measures and did not ignore them. But the thing that surprised me was that, usually when I bought things here, I would be the only customer at that time, in short, not many people were usually found here. But now, it was so crowded that we had to wait for some time to even receive a shopping-basket. My parents had warned me to not touch any surface unnecessarily, just take the item and leave the place. So, my dad and I hurried shelf after shelf, stocking our basket with whatever supplies were left.

Not much items remained in the store, I was sure that within a few days, it would soon run out-of-stock of essential supplies. So we bought supplies that would last us for about 2 weeks and left. Next we entered a smaller shop, because we hadn’t got some items like vegetables and rice flour. There were no people here, I realised that these small shops were facing a bad time. Even the temple opposite had been closed. All the ATMs, repair shops and fancy stores nearby, were closed. I had never seen this street in such a condition. Usually, there won’t be enough space to walk freely due to parked vehicles. But now, we could walk in the middle of the road if we wanted! It was that deserted.

And soon after we reached home, we washed our hands and directly went to take a bath. My mother washed all the items we had bought and left them to dry. And I sat down again in the loneliness of my home, diving again into the depression and longing to go out shopping. Let’s hope we can bring back our normal lives in which we can truly stay happy and content with friends, even if they’re from different places!

My Short Visit To The Shop During The Pandemic COVID-19
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One thought on “My Short Visit To The Shop During The Pandemic COVID-19

  • April 1, 2020 at 2:24 pm

    Your 1st life experience … Even it is the 1st instance in our life also.. Neatly portrayed..


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