✨Nān Oru Vilayāttu Bommaya?✨

🎶Oru pugal indri un
thiruvadi adainthenē,
Thiruvullam irangādha? Devi undanukku, nān oru vilayāttu bommaya?🎶

Having no place to go I reached your holy feet,
Does not your divine mind melt? Oh Goddess, Oh Uma , am I to you a plaything or toy?

Happy Birthday to dearest Harinie Jeevitha akka  to whom this painting is dedicated!❤️ To watch Akka’s ‘Naan oru Vilayattu Bommaya?’ is a truly emotional experience, I’ve had tearful eyes seeing her flawless portrayal of both Ambāl and the devotee.🥺More than once, I could connect it with one of Akka’s own and (also my) favourite poems: The Catch. I understood the true meaning of that poem when I saw akka perform this piece.♥️ My favourite part in her choreography of this song is when the devotee asks Devi whether Her heart is also made of the same tough metal Her beautiful silai (idol/statue) is made of. 💔 So I tried to show that emotional moment through this painting. I also tried to show that Devi does listen to all the complaints of Her devotee, who thinks She doesn’t. She’s just being playful and acting indifferent ‘in front of’ Her devotees.😁 To be honest, I had too many ideas to paint this one since I had so many favourite moments from the song, but unfortunately, I had to fix on one, and thus, this came out here.🙈😃 And yes, this sari is modelled on the one Akka wore for her Nrittha-Keli debut (Alarippu Adventures), one of my favourite ones♥️. So here’s a humble try as a small birthday gift for Harinie akka who means so, so much to me.🤗♥️

💫Next, it was Her turn.
This time, She was to catch.
And i, to run, run and run.
i ran slowly; inch by inch.
i ran slowly so that
i would lose to Her.
She caught me: but, i didn’t lose.
i won.
i was caught by Her.
i won.
-The Catch, Perspectives-An Illustrated Anthology💫
Medium: Acrylic paint on Watercolour Sheet. Original artwork. Please do not repost.

Happy Birthday Harinie Akka | Nan Oru Vilayattu Bommaya? Painting

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